June 14, 2010

Useful Furniture: Guest Beds

Houseguests. We’ve all had them at some point. Your cousin from out of town who’s visiting for a few days. Your sister and her husband who need a place to stay while their house is fumigated. That one friend who had a little too much to drink at the party and can’t drive home.

Houseguests (particularly the unexpected kind) keep us on our toes, especially if we don’t have room for a guest bed. Luckily, there are several versatile furniture solutions that can help ensure that both you and your guests are comfortable during their stay, no matter the size of your home.

Sofa Beds

The perfect solution if you’re tight on space or just appreciate efficiency. The sofa bed inconspicuously parades as a fully functional sofa by day, and transforms into a comfy bed at night. Many sofa beds are made using quality materials like 100% genuine leather, so you and your guests can enjoy the ultimate in comfort and luxury while sitting and watching TV. The hidden pull-out mattress makes the sofa bed perfect for a living room, den, or home office. Just like regular mattresses, sofa bed mattresses come in a variety of sizes.


Like a sofa bed, but smaller. In the past, futons were most popular among college students living in dorms that didn’t have room for much more than a few essential pieces of furniture. Once notorious for their flimsy construction and cheesy design, futons have evolved into a legitimate addition to many furniture collections thanks to their comfort, style, and functional design. Many even have hidden storage compartments for pillows and other items. Futons fit well in a living room, den, home office, or bedroom.


The daybed is appropriate for those who have very little room to spare and don’t mind putting it all out there. The daybeds is small, so you can place it virtually anywhere. It’s essentially a guest bed in its simplest form, but can be used as a couch as well. Many daybeds now include trundle units, effectively turning them into pseudo-bunk beds for two.

Rollaway Beds

If you have no room left in your home, the rollaway is a good solution. Rollaway beds aren’t as stylish as the aforementioned beds, and they serve just one purpose, but they’re convenient, folding up for easy storage inside a closet. Rollaway beds also come in a variety of sizes.

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