August 23, 2010

Back to School Season, or Parent-Christmas

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Shh. Do you hear that? Listen closely.

It’s one of the most wonderful sounds in existence.


As summer draws to a close, kids all over the country are headed back to school, relieving their poor, exhausted parents of the constant rowdiness that only an energetic child with no responsibilities can inflict upon his/her guardians.

For about six hours every day, moms and dads everywhere can slowly regain pieces of their sanity while the kids are off at school.

As Staples not-so-subtly implies, back-to-school season is akin to Christmastime for parents – Parent-Christmas, if you will.

Parent-Christmas takes place around August.

This daily respite is brief, however, for once the school day ends, the kids return home. To maximize their learning potential (and your quiet time), you’ve got to keep them focused on their homework. This can prove to be quite a struggle, but you can get the upper hand with the right furniture.

Studying for next week’s history exam while on the couch in front of the television isn’t exactly productive. Solving algebra problems while sprawled out on the floor won’t get your child high marks for organization. And doing online research while sitting on the front porch watching the neighbors go about their day won’t yield the greatest results.

Like adults, kids need designated areas to do their work properly. Getting your child their own desk to work from will not only improve their homework and study habits, it will also get them excited about doing the work! Having their own desk space can boost a child’s self-esteem by reminding them that they’re capable of handling more responsibilities, thereby bringing them one step closer to adulthood.

El Dorado Furniture offers a huge selection of desks designed for children and young adults. Listed below are just some of our more popular items. Many of these products are part of a larger collection, so you don’t necessarily have to stop at the desk.

Want to get your child even more excited about their new set? Bring them to any of our showrooms, or browse our website and have them choose a set they like best. If they’re excited about their desk, they’ll be even more excited to work on it.

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Artsy Craftsy Desk


Jia-Li 4-Piece Modular Desk



Jerraffin Writing Desk


Simon Cherry Gloss Complete Desk



Hida Desk


Santa Fe Frame Desk



Aura Desk



Leeland Laptop Desk


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